“Gina is someone who I can go to for anything and she always gives me the best advice. She helps me get through difficult situations. Gina is an awesome resource and such a positive person in my life”
– Caroline – Senior Student at Marist College

“Gina has a natural gift to connect and relate to kids. Her kindness and calmness puts them at ease and makes it easy to open up to her and share their feat, stressors and worries. She gives them real simple tools and techniques that allow them to access their inner strength and see things as manageable and possible. I highly recommend Gina for any child, tween or teen who would like to work on self esteem, social anxiety, athletic confidence on and off the field, or even just someone to talk to.”
– Tamara Goldman Richards

“Brain Fitness!” is an incredible community based program by Reset + Now, LLC that is fun and engaging for all senior citizens! Adult Educator, Gina Calabrese, does an outstanding job of helping individuals – regardless of ability – improve their brain’s function and cognitive skills through a series of challenging yet rewarding games and activities. I highly recommend all seniors take advantage of this innovative and exciting program!”
– Assemblyman Mike LiPetri, 9th District


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