Live Your Best Life!Our Vision is to spread “the power of going inside first, one beautiful person at a time.” Our guiding philosophy rests on the fact that we all inherently have the necessary skills within us to thrive. Within five years, breath work, mind-body movements, nutrition, positive thought life, goal setting, meditation are skills we can learn and use to reduce the number of young children being put on medication and suffering from constant states of anxiety.

For our seniors, they will maximize their brain power by exercising their brains through our Brain Fitness Programs which offer fun and exciting games in social settings.

"To spread the power of going inside first, one beautiful person at a time."

1-on-1 Session

Available both online and in person. These sessions are for individuals looking to boost their self-esteem, establish relaxation techniques and create a positive mindset.

Group Sessions

With these sessions, we will offer collaboration strategies, goal setting, positive self-talk and inspire self-motivation.

Open to groups of 3-10 people.

Brain Fitness 4 Seniors

Reset + Now LLC visits Senior Centers on Long Island and offers fun and exciting games and activities to exercise the seniors brains!! Brain fitness is just as important as physical fitness especially with our aging senior community. Gina trained under Dr. Shelly Pazer who is a Developmental Psychologist and who developed the program called "Brain Fitness." Gina is passionate about neuroplasticity and shares these games with our aging seniors who CAN do activities in groups, socialize and get an awesome brain workout at the same time :)

Group Sessions

The objective of this session is to create team goals, personal responsibility, a "we before me" perspective, healthy life choices and self-regulation to bring your team of female athletes to the next level.

Open to all sports


What I can offer to take your mindset to the next level.

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