ABOUT ME!"An alarming number of my students and athletes were suffering from tremendous anxiety and low self -esteem and had yet to acquire basic inner tools to help them- Proper breathing alone can positively change the trajectory of a child's entire life- the problem is too many are not being shown how to use their breath and thoughts to create positive changes"

Gina Calabrese

Gina Calabrese is an Applied Positive Psychology Based Mindset Coach. Her company is registered and licensed in New York State. Gina was born and raised in Long Beach, NY. She earned a full athletic scholarship to St. John’s University where she broke nearly every softball pitching record during her career. She also received an invite to tryout overseas for the Italian Olympic Team. Gina graduated SJU with a double major in Special Education and General Education. She spent 12 years as a licensed professional teacher in both Long Island Schools and NYCDOE.

During Gina’s teaching career, Gina’s passion for Social Emotional Education led her to seek further education and training. Gina enrolled in The Flourishing Center and completed The Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology Program in 2016. She then went on to complete Mindfulness Fundamentals Level 1 Certificate at Mindful Schools. These courses prepared her well for the Mentorship Program she was invited to be participate in at her NYCDOE Middle School. She mentored multiple children throughout the year with their personal and school issues.

Gina continues to be a progressive lifelong learner who leads by example. She is currently seeking to complete a Mental Game Coaching Professional Certification offered by Dr. Patrick J. Cohn. This speaks to her constant yearning for increasing knowledge of applied techniques on how to work with athletes in particular and by extension, with other segments of her clientele.

She noticed an alarming number of her student were suffering from tremendous anxiety and low self -esteem and had yet to acquire basic tools and strategies to help them deal with this.

This set Gina on her Reset + Now mission to empower youth with breathing techniques, meditation, self- awareness activities and researched based scientific interventions that not only help children cope with their symptoms, but to go a step further and assist them toward their natural inclination to thrive.

My hope is in the next few years , less children will have to be put on anti anxiety medication because they will have been taught skills to cope with stress, anxiety and negative mind chatter. Proper Breathing alone can change a life.

Gina realized the impact when she taught the breathing strategies to her own mother, Kathy from LB who said: “Gina had taught breathing techniques to help me sleep at night because I had difficulty falling asleep. Now I use the breathing techniques every night and fall asleep quickly and peacefully.”


We are all beautiful souls- peaceful, whole, perfect in the way that we were created to be

We are all born with an infinite power within us

We have human bodies that are intuitive and powerful

Within us, we have breath work that can be used to both calm and empower us

Our thoughts can be changed to benefit us and those around us

Our thoughts cocreate our reality- (neuroscience)

Grooves are created in our brain through repetition much like muscles are formed through working out

We are by nature, creative, and intelligent and meant to flourish

We each have a unique purpose to fulfill

We are all created differently and that is for each of us to honor and use to be joyous, help others and bring more light into the world

The most important curriculum for children is to access their inner wisdom, peace, and power


Gina graduated as a student athlete with a dual major in Elementary Education and Special Education. She also set nearly every softball pitching record during her career and earned MVP for the Red Storm Team. She was invited to an Olympic Tryout in Italy in 2001.

Gina completed a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology at The Flourishing Center in NY. Positive Psychology is the study of human flourishing- APP offers science based interventions to assist individuals and organizations to work to their maximum potential.

Gina completed the certificate for basic mindfulness training at Mindful Schools. Mindfulness has recently started making its way into schools and has been proven by research to decrease stress, increase focus and promotes overall general well being.


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