“Gina is someone who I can go to for anything and she always gives me the best advice. She helps me get through difficult situations. Gina is an awesome resource and such a positive person in my life”
– Caroline – Senior Student at Marist College

“Gina has a natural gift to connect and relate to kids. Her kindness and calmness puts them at ease and makes it easy to open up to her and share their feat, stressors and worries. She gives them real simple tools and techniques that allow them to access their inner strength and see things as manageable and possible. I highly recommend Gina for any child, tween or teen who would like to work on self esteem, social anxiety, athletic confidence on and off the field, or even just someone to talk to.”
– Tamara Goldman Richards

“Brain Fitness!” is an incredible community based program by Reset + Now, LLC that is fun and engaging for all senior citizens! Adult Educator, Gina Calabrese, does an outstanding job of helping individuals – regardless of ability – improve their brain’s function and cognitive skills through a series of challenging yet rewarding games and activities. I highly recommend all seniors take advantage of this innovative and exciting program!”
– Assemblyman Mike LiPetri, 9th District

“Exercising the mind is important for brain health and overall wellness. The Brain Fitness program, which is informative, challenging and entertaining, is an excellent way of providing mental workouts for our Senior Center’s participants. The program has been of great interest to our seniors who always request an additional session. We thank Gina Calabrese for her professional and engaging presentations, and we plan to offer Brain Fitness regularly as one of our many educational programs.”
Linda Chong Haber, Chairperson – Magnolia Senior Center

“I am so happy about what I learned at the Brain Fitness program on Monday. Thank you, because I had allowed my memory to fade and you showed me how to sharpen it ….in my case it was in urgent need to do so and I am so grateful for the simple steps Gina provided to reteach me what I had too long ignored.”
Hedy Page, Magnolia Senior Center

“I was having a difficult time completing my backwalkover on the beam. I was nervous and couldn’t concentrate in front of the judges, or “bears” as Gina taught me. Gina showed me strategies to calm down and breathe the right way. She also taught me to think of the positives instead of the negatives so that I knew I could land it. At my next competition, I thought about everything she said and I did it! I was so proud of myself and thankful that Gina could help me!!”
12 year old gymnast

Gina and I have worked collaboratively for over 10 years as pitching coaches, middle school coaches and camp instructors. As an owner I am always looking for ways to help the athlete excel outside of the physical work. I know that working within (mind) is so important for an athlete to grow. You can’t be a great athlete without the mind. Hiring RESET NOW LLC was an easy decision. I know that Gina will teach valuable skills, and strategies not only for sports but in life. I know that my campers took valuable information when they finished camp this week. I highly recommend Gina if you daughter/son needs help with the mental part of the game or in any area of life.”
Heather Pomilio, Owner of Diamond Dominators Fastpitch


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